A Step Towards Ditching the CV?

We posted a blog this week by Lee Lam on Why the CV is Dead and the need to select people on more than just 2 sides of A4 spelling out their career history and experience. It is something that we at Talent Gateway believe is the future of recruitment and why our focus is […]

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Ditch the CV!

As I applied for my university degree, I had a problem. Although my academic work was at the required level for the subjects that I wanted to study, I was struggling with my ‘Hobbies and Interests’ section. I had spent so much of my time studying to make sure I got the grades that I […]

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A team of champions or a champion team?

Building a business, keeping customers happy and creating a coherent and successful long-term strategy demands more than just individual brilliance. Truly successful organisations focus on developing a strong team that pulls together. And building an effective team is all about cultural fit. Take the small Swedish football club of Ostersunds (non-football fans stick with me […]

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Talent trumps technology as CEOs biggest business concern

From call centres to the CEO’s office, the future of work is already here. Whether it’s the rising importance of social media, the growth in artificial intelligence or the role of virtual reality, technology is changing our working life and dominating much of our business conversation. According to Price Waterhouse Cooper’s annual survey of CEOs […]

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The value of “why”

What inspires your workforce? Is it the products you sell? Is it your sales process? Is it the way you stand out from the competition? Or is it what you believe in? Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why, claims that people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. Think about […]

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Recruit for team dynamics not just individual brilliance

When it comes to recruiting staff it’s easy to get caught up in finding that ‘game-changing’ individual with exactly the right skills and level of experience to take your organisation forward. But does your recruitment strategy take into consideration whether that stand-out person will fit in with the rest of your team? Often it’s months […]

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