We are on a social mission to support those organisations that have a social purpose at their heart

We Believe

Everyone has the right to work for an organisation that values, support and invests in them.

People are the key to success: businesses who invest in their people will outperform the rest.

As a business, we commit to working with all our stakeholders to consider the social impact of our work from our executive search services through to giving back to the community. We strive to measure our social value to further understand and optimise our impact.

Social Value Pioneer
Social Value Commit 1 Certificate - awarded by Social Value International

We are delighted to be members of Social Value UK and one of the first organisations to be awarded Level 1 Social Value Certification. Social Value UK is the national network for social impact and social value.

All members share a common goal: to change the way society accounts for value. Our certification demonstrates our commitment to implement processes consistent with the social value principles.

We look forward to working closely with Social Value UK in the future and, in particular, exploring how to better measure employee wellbeing in the workplace through the principles of Social Value.

Understanding our social value impact enables us to hold ourselves to account and ensure Talent Gateway makes a positive difference, to the benefit of our clients, candidates and community. Read our blog about becoming a business that makes a profit and a difference to learn more.

Our Commitment in Action

We are developing a proposition for charities and social enterprise to help them access executive search and recruitment services at exceptional value, thereby enabling them to recruit the best talent to increase the social impact of their business.

Talent Ed

TalentEd is a charity that offers high-ability students a year-long programme of weekly small group sessions. As a small charity, they required support to attract, screen interview and recruit new tutors.

We developed a low-cost bespoke screening service with a no commitment pilot which was up and running within two week s to manage the process from initial application to tutor approval. We could speak with applicants in the evening, when it was more convenient, and ensure contact with the tutor within 48 hours of the application. The pilot proved to be a huge success and a more cost-effective way of working and we have now been supporting TalentEd since September 2018.

Developed a low-cost proposal to manage the recruitment process.

Provide pro bono business advice on attracting new tutors and growing the business.

All job advertising is free of charge.

Over 100 applications processed and interviews conducted since we started in September 2018.



Shaw Trust

Shaw Trust is a national charity working to create brighter futures for the people and communities they serve, providing employment opportunities, skills development training, and health and wellbeing services across the UK.

We have partnered with the Shaw Trust, supporting their Aim4Work programme, a specialist employability programme for people with common mental health conditions looking to get into work.

We host regular workshops to support candidates to build their confidence and provide personalised constructive feedback to help in future interviews.

The sessions comprise an informal workshop on interview techniques followed by individual mock interviews. It has proved to be a great success with candidates benefiting from the advice and opportunity to practise their techniques.

Volunteered for the Aim4Work programme, which helps people with common mental health conditions get back into work.

Workshops hosted on interview techniques.

Mock interviews conducted with candidates aimed at building their confidence and provide personalised constructive feedback to help with future interviews.

“I feel I have gained really useful advice and I enjoyed the opportunity of gaining feedback after the mock interview.” - Candidate

Measuring Impact

Returners Programme

We developed the Returnship Programme in partnership with Tandridge District Council, providing placements for women looking to return to work after a career gap and gain experience. We completed a social return on investment analysis to understand the impact of the programme x years on.

We interviewed the women that had returned to work through the scheme together with the council to understand what changed for them and the impact.

The Returnship has been a tangible way of evidencing to the business, the value the women have and offering flexible and part time roles can deliver excellent results. It has helped to drive wider change to increase diversity and deliver more flexible working opportunities. The women stated they had reconnected with themselves and felt more confident.

The social aspect of returning to work was also felt by all of the women and improved relationships with family members. It was estimated the Returners Programme delivered up to £4 of social value for every £1 invested.

Women into Construction

We recently completed an analysis for Women into Construction, a community interest company that supports women to secure employment in the construction industry, that explored the social impact of their work.

The Social Return on Investment Analysis looked at the difference it made to the women together with businesses and other partners. The programme was found to be delivering up to £6 of social value for every £1 invested.

"This analysis has enabled us to measure the difference we are making and better understand the impact of our work. We look forward to building on this work in the future to secure further funding, assist the construction industry to increase gender diversity and support more women to develop careers in this exciting and well paid industry." - Kath Moore, MD, WIC