We are on a social mission to change the world of work for the better

We work with ambitious businesses, empowering them to succeed through attracting, acquiring and developing the right talent in this rapidly changing digital world.

The key as always is about understanding our client’s business and therefore, getting the right ‘cultural fit’ aligned to challenges & ambitions. We find that ‘fit’ is the key to enable people to unleash their full potential and enjoy meaningful and rewarding work.

We Believe

 Everyone has the right to work for an organisation that values, support and invests in them

 People are the key to success: businesses who invest in their people will outperform the rest

Recruitment with a social purpose

As a business, we commit to working with all our stakeholders to consider the social impact of our work from our executive search services through to giving back to the community.

We strive to measure our social value to further understand and optimise our impact. We are currently completing a Social Return on Investment Analysis of our Returners Programme with Tandridge District Council to effectively measure the wider impact of this initiative.

We have partnered with national charity Shaw Trust to volunteer our time and provide advice and mock interviews to people looking to return to work. We are building a long term relationship with the charity so we may volunteer our skills to support local people with mental health needs back into work.

What is Shaw Trust?

Shaw Trust is a national charity working to create brighter futures for the people and communities they serve. Shaw Trust provides employment opportunities, skills development training, and health and wellbeing services across the UK. They operate charitable social enterprises and retail shops, and work alongside Shaw Education Trust, which runs a diverse chain of academy schools.