Talent Gateway & Catch22 Recruitment Process

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Online Recruitment Engagement Form

Please complete all the information below. You will need to attach the Job description for this role in order to proceed. You will also need to know the salary for the role. If this is not available at present, or you need any help completing the form, please call 01883 722008 and we will be more than happy to help you.

Pricing Options

Talent Gateway’s standard rate is 20%. Catch22 benefits from a discount, which increases as more candidates are appointed across the business, through Talent Gateway.

Option a.

Fee payable only if you appoint a Talent Gateway candidate.

  • Current rate: 18%
  • Rate after three candidates appointed: 16.5%
  • Rate after six candidates appointed: 15%

This form will be continually updated, as candidates are appointed and will reflect the current applicable rate.

Option b.

Upfront fee of 5% due once Talent Gateway start the recruitment process, covering advertising and screening costs. Reduced final fee due only if you appoint a Talent Gateway candidate.

  • Current final fee: 10.5% (15.5% total cost)
  • Reduced fee after three candidates appointed 8% (13% total cost)
  • Further reduction after six candidates appointed 6.5% (11.5% total cost)

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