Recruitment Lite

Take the pain out of the recruitment process

Attracting, hiring and retaining great staff is one of the key pain points of small business; if you are struggling to recruit the best talent or to fill certain positions within your business, then you are not alone.

A recent report from KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation found that “the availability of permanent workers in the south of England continued to contract markedly in September”.

Introducing Recruitment Lite

At Talent Gateway we recognise there are businesses who may be unable to take advantage of the full service offered by a recruitment agency but could still benefit from the knowledge and experience offered by a recruiter.  As a result, we have developed ‘Recruitment Lite’ to help improve the speed and effectiveness of your recruitment process.


For a simple flat fee we will:

Recruitment Lite

All this for just £995+VAT – contact us today to discuss how Recruitment Lite can solve your recruitment headache.

When should I use your service?

Perhaps you’re recruiting for the first time and don’t know where to start.

Or perhaps you’re short on time to place adverts and sift the suitable applicants from the many who aren’t right for you.

Or perhaps you’re working with a limited budget and can’t decide which job board(s) to use your budget on.

We can help. If you’re clear on ‘what good looks like’ we’ll help by:

  • Reviewing your advert and providing feedback based on our experience;
  • Advertising on all the main job boards – taking away the challenge of deciding which one to use with a limited budget;
  • Optimising your job advert for each job board – taking away the risk that you miss great applicants because you’re not sure how make sure they see your ad.

What will you do?

We will:

Review, and, if necessary, discuss your proposed job advert with you:

Amend your advert to optimise its visibility on each job board (each one uses a different approach to ‘rank’ adverts for similar role from different organisations, and we know from experience how to make the most of each advert);

Place the adverts across the leading UK job boards on your behalf – using ‘premium’ adverts to maximise their visibility (at no extra cost to you);

Screen each applicant against the criteria we’ve agreed;

Contact all candidates who fit the criteria to share your job spec, and;

Send you CVs of these candidates, once they’ve confirmed their interest based on your job description.

What do we need to do?

Share your draft advert with us.  If you don’t have one, we can usually help here by reviewing your job description and discussing the role by phone with the person responsible for recruiting (usually the same person who will be the manager of the new hire).

Agree up to three ‘screening criteria’ to assess applicants against. This could include their educational background, the extent or type of experience that they’ve gained to date, or practical points such as their location or notice period

You will then be free to review the screened CVs which we share with you, deciding on which candidates to take forward

You have full access to candidate details (contact no, email etc) so you can work directly with them to set up interviews etc.

I need more than one person for the same job

Great! You could get even better value. There are no placement fees with this service, so you’re free to appoint as many applicants as you wish.

If you’re building a team, we can offer a 10% discount to repeat any advert which you’ve placed in the past 6 months.

What happens if I don’t receive any CVs?

This is unlikely, given that we usually receive dozens of responses to each advert. However, where you’re looking for a rare blend of skills and experience, the most suitable people might not be proactively looking (as they’re used to being approached directly for a new role). Equally, if your location is hard to reach or your budget is very limited vs the skills you’re looking for, you may receive very few applicants.

We use our experience of search-based recruitment, and of the job market, to advise you at all stages – and are usually able to provide an indication before starting if this is a risk.

What happens if none of the CVs you send me are a fit for the role?

By discussing and agreeing ‘screening’ criteria prior to starting the engagement, we minimise the time you spend reviewing people who aren’t right. We’ll also provide honest guidance about the likelihood of finding the right candidate. For some ‘in demand’ roles, candidates don’t proactively search for a new role – instead being contacted by executive search firms – ‘head-hunters’.  We provide such a service, with the ability to target and directly contact, over 9.8m candidates in the South East alone.  Please contact us to discuss this option.

I don’t have time to arrange interviews and decide between candidates – I just want to see the best three candidates

We have a wealth of experience in providing ‘end to end’ recruitment and would be happy to discuss other options.  Please get in touch to discuss your business’ needs.

All this for just £995+VAT – contact us today to place your first Recruitment Lite job advert.