The Power of Behavioural Questions in Interviews (PDF download included!)

*Find our useful PDF here!*

If you’re looking for advice concerning who you should hire as your business starts to scale, you’ll hear something this a lot:

“Only consider those who can prove they have the capacity to truly transform your company.”

Sounds a little obvious, right? Look at the candidates with previous experiences in your field, and go from there. It’s what any scaling business service would tell you to do.

However, what if we told you it runs deeper than just previous experience? What if there was a secret something outside of a CV that is just as important to a scaling business’ success? Here at Talent Gateway, we have that secret. It’s ‘Mindset’.

What we mean by ‘Mindset’

With ‘Mindset’, we’re talking about those who have the mental strength, flexibility and character to really take your business to the next level. These are the types who don’t flake in challenging times or under deadlines, who intricately and naturally understand the needs of your business, and who will be a shining example for others to learn from, creating a cohesive company culture.

The problem is, you can’t just glean these qualities off of a CV. A strong, business-focused mindset is something that is shown over time, and in practice rather than in print. So what can you do to start to utilise this secret perfect candidate weapon?

The Power of the Interview

The interview is the perfect time for you and a potential employee to really get down to understanding each other. What’s more, through a measured mix of clever questions and giving the interview process the time it needs to be successful, you can dive deep into the working mindset of your potential employee, and uncover a real diamond in the rough.

Luckily for you, here at Talent Gateway, we’ve put together a PDF not only detailing the areas we think a working mindset should excel in, but also an example for each area that you can use to better understand how your candidates think. You can find that PDF here!

Additionally, using this PDF, you can use these questions to help establish hires that would be a great fit for your business, even if their previous experience is a little lacking. Remember, experience has to be gained, but a mindset can be used from the get-go.

Utilising Talent Gateway

Despite the fact this secret will help you to narrow down your prospective list of interviewees, we understand the hiring process can be long, arduous and difficult. If you’d rather skip the hassle, and be given peace of mind knowing your hiring process is in the hands of a service with years of expertise and knowledge, we, at Talent Gateway, are here to help. You can call us at 0203 034 0420 or email us at