Unleash your strengths

What are your weaknesses?

What are your strengths?

When you are working in either zone, how do you feel?

According to Adam Grant(organizational psychologist and professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania) a strength is not merely an activity you’re good at, but something that strengthens you; it’s an activity that you look forward to, that makes you feel invigorated rather than depleted when you do it, and that you want to do more of. This view shifts the focus from proficiency alone to include the impact an activity has on an individual’s energy and motivation.

Conversely, a weakness, in Grant’s perspective, is not just something you lack competence in but something that weakens you. It’s an activity that drains your energy, that you procrastinate on because it feels more taxing than energizing, and that you want to do less of. He emphasizes that just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s a strength in this more personal and subjective sense; if it drains you, it could be considered a weakness, regardless of your proficiency level.

This strengths-based approach encourages individuals to invest in what they naturally do best, promoting personal and professional growth within a supportive team framework.

I fundamentally agree with this approach and see first-hand the impact on a team when there is understanding of one another’s’ strengths and each has an opportunity to lean into these in their roles within the business.  Motivation & engagement are high with sustained energy levels, creativity and teamwork.

Using tools such as CliftonStrengths (an assessment tool developed by Gallup) as part of both individual & team development, in addition to the hiring process is worth consideration.  Trust me, I’ve seen the benefits.

Understanding individual and team strengths should sit within your ‘talent planning process,’ the ‘PLAN’ pillar in the Talent Gateway PECRO model.

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