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woman-pointingfromboatAs most of us know, flexible working is becoming more and more common.  Technology means homeworking is on the increase.  From accountants through to window cleaners, we are all online.  You don’t even have to be in the office to have a ‘face to face’ meeting with applications such as Skype. Many businesses have already adopted flexible working practices but don’t shout about it enough! For those who have embraced it with vigour they are already reaping the rewards.

‘We didn’t know what to expect when we first advertised our home-working positions publically, but we received over 260 applications for first 12 places and saw a definite shift in demographics.  Many applications for our home working positions came from more mature and experience candidates than we see applying for our office based roles.’ – Enterprise Rent-a-Car[1]

Flexible working can offer innovative solutions to social and economic issues, even environmental concerns along with the challenges of remaining competitive and managing costs.

There is still a lack of comprehensive statistics available on the benefits of flexible working; the best evidence comes from talking to those who have adopted it.

‘ I couldn’t afford the talent I wanted, but I had identified that the level of person I needed often had a young family.  So I started offering senior designers part-time hours and other flexible arrangements that fit with their other commitments in a bid to attract them.  The experiment was a resounding success.  It’s all about competition.  The driver is making your own business better.  We want to retain people, and we get the contractors in when we need to access talent that we cannot afford on a full time basis. – Ann Rimmer, Director of Strategy, Clock Creative[2]

Flexible working isn’t for every employee or every company but when the need arises it should be an option you are set up to take advantage of.  Be part of the new flexible working generation and not set in the dark ages!

[1] Source: REC Flexible work Commission Report

[2] Source: REC Flexible work Commission Report

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