Desirable leadership skills in the digital age.

With customers now able to interact with business in so many different ways, those in leadership roles are having to become adept in managing across traditional silos that exist within companies. Creating an environment where all departments work together to provide the customer with an experience that they want to return for can take a great deal of organisation and unity – something that invariably needs to be cultivated.

Customer engagement has evolved; from augmented reality to social media, customers experience products and services in very different ways.  So what skills does a leader need to ensure the best customer experience in the digital age?

Desirable Leadership Skills

Our clients task us with the identification and recruitment of leaders who are able to take control of all parts of a business and provide clarity to every person in every department of what represents great customer experience. They should also understand that marketing is only one part of a company’s public persona, which can either be augmented by a great customer experience through all channels of dialogue or tarnished by inconsistent levels throughout an organisation.

The people for whom we search, are those who are able to view their company from the perspective of their ideal customer and address any issues that may compromise the company’s image. Consumers can be loyal when treated well, but in the modern day, there is an abundance of choice and if a company fails to deliver the best customer experience, they may choose to go elsewhere.

Digital Marketing

There was a time when business marketing was pretty much a one-way process, marketing material and advertisements sent to a targeted audience, resulting in a telephone call or a sale, with comparatively few touch points of customer interaction. Since the advent of social media and digital marketing, customers are able to interact fully with an organisation, in full view of the rest of the buying public.

Effective, modern leaders need to ensure that even the online channels are managed in a way that reflects the customer service levels experienced in the rest of the organisation. Communication with people via social media should display patience, professionalism and proactive assistance, even when no monetary gain is at stake.

Being a modern leader is an exercise in managing often disparate departments to work towards a common goal for the good of a company’s future and its customers.

At Talent Gateway, we have been working with a growing number of clients who are recognising the need for this kind of joined up thinking in the modern business environment. We have the expertise and industry insight to help you find the talent your company needs to succeed in the modern business world. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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