Diversify to thrive

tg_employer_inset_picThe Financial Reporting Council recently published “Guidance on the Strategic Report”, which is a guide for companies on the reports they are now required to produce, part of which focuses on diversity in the workplace. Organisations must now report on the number of male and female directors, senior managers and employees that they have.


This aspect of the report brings into focus the issue of workplace diversity and will highlight where some companies are failing in their recruitment policies.

With the difficulties in recruiting and retaining talent that many organisations are experiencing (war on talent), companies need to look beyond the traditional recruitment process, to ensure they have the most diverse and effective workforce in place. To attract and retain the top talent, in particular top female talent, companies should be offering flexibility of roles as well as looking beyond their own industry or sector. This includes considering candidates who can bring a new outlook to a role. The oil and gas industry have been focusing on filling their increasing talent gap by utilising the experience and transferable skills of ex-military personnel as well as increasing their focus on the training and recruitment of women – traditionally under-represented in the industry[1].

Offering flexible working options can help organisations to attract a more diverse workforce. Flexibility is an enabler – helping companies to recruit, progress and retain employees, allowing them to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Talent Gateway has been working within the health sector  to recruit in this way and they are already reaping the rewards in terms of the quality and variety of employees they can attract.

The talent gap has created an increasing pressure on organisations, regardless of sector, to retain their top employees and to differentiate themselves enough to attract the best of the available talent. Those companies that look beyond the obvious, will be the ones to thrive. While everyone else is attempting to ‘fish in the same pond’ of limited talent, organisations that reach out to candidates from other sectors and also offer flexibility in working will be able boast their workforce is not only diverse, but also extremely talented.

[1] http://www.nesglobaltalent.com/media/press-releases/oil-and-gas-industry-will-diversify-to-tackle-the-talent-gap


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