How to do more with fewer employees

shutterstock_14967841Even as the UK quietly emerges from economic recession, organisations continue to be faced with the challenge of finding effective ways in which to be both competitive and profitable – a situation that is applicable equally to large corporations and SMEs.

Whilst companies have embraced developments in technology as a driver for change in working processes over the years, adaptation of workforce strategies has been significantly slower. Yet there will be very few companies that have not had to review and reduce their human resources in order to deal with the economic climate and endeavour to do more with less. Within a traditional working environment this can create many pressure points –additional demands placed on reduced staff, impossible tasks expected of temporary or part-time workers. Yet there is a much more viable alternative, the creation of a more agile workforce – part-time permanent as a viable alternative to full-time employment – that enables employers to take full advantage of available skilled talent in new ways. And there are plenty of options for how an agile workforce can be utilised, from regular part-time hours to remote working or a reduced working day.

At Talent Gateway, we firmly believe that SMEs are in a strong position to be more flexible in how they employ their staff and can more effectively drive business growth through a smart recruitment strategy. Flexitime, working from home and part-time jobs are often viewed as being beneficial only to the employee, yet a small shift in perception is all that’s needed to understand that employing a high calibre individual with many years of experience and knowledge for 2-3 days a week has the potential to realise your aim to move your business to the next level.

It’s all down to finding the right person who can make the difference you want to achieve within your business – and thinking beyond the realms of traditional employment models. Talent Gateway brings together employers who need to fill key roles within their business, but cannot perhaps justify employing someone full time, with exceptional candidates who have huge amounts of expertise to offer but for all kinds of reasons cannot work typical 9-5 hours. Facilitating the development of a mutual working relationship that sees a business successfully growing through the adoption of a more flexible employment model never ceases to delight – it’s the ultimate proof of our job done well.

And it’s those businesses that have the vision to see beyond the apparent shortcomings of employing someone who is not sat at their desk five days a week – and enabling that individual to use their skills to innovate, improve or bring about beneficial change – that will have a competitive advantage over others. The future is definitely flexible!

If you’re facing business challenges or want to achieve certain strategic goals but don’t have the right resources or skills in place, why not have a chat with us. We specialise in flexible recruitment, placing experienced candidates who know how to use their time effectively and to deliver tangible results.

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