Is recruitment one of SME’s biggest challenges?

Tough for SME’s to find the right Talent?  Now is a good time to recruit, before skills shortages set in……


Why is it tough to do it alone?challenges jpg

  • Time. Recruitment is time consuming. Adverts to write, job boards to search, CV’s to screen. And that’s before you start the actual interview process.Few SME’s, particularly the fast growing ones with the greatest need to add talent, have the spare capacity to easily absorb this activity.
  • Knowledge. Smaller organisations often have a number of stand-alone specialist roles – marketing, finance, HR being covered by a single individual. As each new person is recruited, whether for the first time or as a replacement, it’s rare that the existing team have the specialist knowledge to attract and hire the very best candidate in that field.
  • Quality.  The traditional ‘DIY’ recruitment methods of job boards, newspaper ad’s, or even word of mouth don’t reach many candidates. Only those candidates actively seeking a role for the 1-2 weeks that the advert runs will notice the advert, and many better qualified people won’t even know that a job exists.

What’s the solution?

One option is to build a relationship with a specialist recruiter, ideally one focused on the specific needs of smaller companies. A partner who understands what you need and when you need it. Someone who takes the pain out of recruitment.

SME’s need a recruitment partner who takes time to understand how their business works, its needs aspirations and challenges to build the right relationship.  There are many different recruitment options open to smaller companies that are often overlooked, for example- taking on an experienced professional either on a part time basis, a temporary contract or a fixed term contract.  All these offer flexibility to small businesses and allow them to dip their toe into the water without taking a big risk! In order for small businesses to achieve their growth targets they need to develop beyond having one individual covering multiple roles and recruit in specialist skills.  Although these skills are required, they are not necessarily needed on a full time or permanent basis.  At Talent Gateway we discuss many options with our clients to find out which option is right for them.  We ensure that they aren’t forced to over commit.

Talent Gateway work to build a highly personalised recruitment strategy for each and every client, and our honest, knowledgeable service is underpinned by a focus on quality over quantity.

Nici JuppNici Jupp – Founder of Talent Gateway, A small business Recruitment Provider:

Helping small businesses recruit professionals on a flexible basis in order to support their growth.

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