It’s all about culture

It’s all about culture

culture shutterstockFor any business, culture is key. When it comes to recruiting new talent this is particularly true. Every organisation’s unique culture is what gives them a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting staff.

What’s more 54% of small to medium size businesses say that recruiting staff who reflect the desired values is important to maintaining that culturei as the business grows.[1]

At Talent Gateway we ‘get culture’. You don’t have to take our word for it, it’s what our clients say too.

Before Christmas we asked our clients to write testimonials describing what they thought we did well. It became clear that what the organisation’s vision is, pinning down the cultural values and matching candidates to those values is our strength.

Culture matching is what we’re good at, it’s what we’re about and it’s what we really understand.

“54% per cent of SMEs say that recruiting staff who reflect the desired values is important to maintaining that culture as the business grows.”

According to Investopedia corporate culture is, “The beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.”

An organisation’s culture is reflected in all aspects of how it operates – the dress code, the staff benefits, the office space, the branding, the level of client satisfaction and ultimately in recruitment decisions.

When we are briefed by our clients we absorb all of this and can then form a picture of what kind of person would fit well within that culture.

During interviews with potential candidates we ask questions that try to delve deeper into what kind of culture and environment a candidate thrives in. When are you at your happiest? What kind of management style brings out the best in you?

Then we whittle down the candidates we put forward to make sure we only put forward people we feel confident are a good fit. Recently that was just one candidate – much to the client’s surprise. But she was the one.

Clearly we’re all about placing candidates in flexible roles but we’ve learnt that when at first the door to flexibility isn’t quite ready to open, we can give it a nudge by demonstrating our understanding of the business – and finding someone who is exactly the right cultural fit does just that.

In our next post we’ll be sharing some tips on how the steps you can take during your internal recruitment process to help get the cultural fit right first time.

[1] Shirlaw’s Opportunities & Challenge for SMEs – The Next Five Year (2007)

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