No more 9-5

shutterstock_128397572A recent report by PwC – ‘The future of work: A journey to 2022’ – revealed that the way people want to work has radically altered over the last few years. A tiny 14% of those surveyed for the report have any desire to work in a traditional office environment in the future.

Technological advances have removed the need for colleagues to be present in the same space across a typical 9-5 day and employees have been quick to adjust their expectations of what working life should be accordingly. Businesses need to adapt their own expectations of how staff should and can work in response.

 Increasingly, individuals are looking to create themselves ‘portfolio careers’ in which they work part time and flexibly in a number of different roles, allowing them to build on all their skills. By offering flexible, part time and short term roles businesses will make themselves more attractive to this dynamic and interesting pool of talent, who often bring a fresh perspective to a job as a result of their outside experience. Those businesses that fully utilise this new talent pool will undoubtedly gain an advantage in their ability to meet changing market demands.

 There are many advantages for those organisations that embrace this new style of working. Bringing in a senior experienced professional can be a prohibitive expense especially for smaller businesses. Utilising the skills of that same professional on an ad hoc, temporary basis, perhaps for the duration of a single project or set number of months, is vastly more affordable as well as often being a more attractive prospect for the candidate.

 By creating a flexible working culture businesses will find that their environment becomes increasingly dynamic, more entrepreneurial and better able to adapt quickly to changing market demands and needs.

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