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Step back into the 80s, if you’re old enough, and you’ll enter the corporate world of the yuppie and the emergence of the office computer. If you were lucky, you might have been one of the first to use a Word Processor, probably on an IBM PC, all from within a tiny grey cubicle.

In the 90s, computers started to come into their own in the office environment, you now have a faster, smaller more powerful machine. Not only that, but with an IBM Simon (the world’s first ever “smartphone”) you’d have been the envy of all your colleagues. Your cubicle is a bit larger and the office printer’s inability not to gorge on A4 causes much fracture among your colleagues.

To the 00s and your office tech is starting to refine itself. Your enormous CRT has been dumped for a flat screen TFT and your Palm Treo lets you deal with all your office tasks whilst on the move, so even whilst relaxing at home your boss can harangue you. The endless stream of text messages and emails are a part of everyday life, it’s like you’re still a yuppie but without the weekend release of debauchery. But heck, there’s a Starbucks on the ground floor.

Thankfully, times continue to change and now in the 2010s (or whatever you call this decade) we’ve come to realise that work doesn’t have to come without comfort and enjoyment.

Gone are the cubicles, comfier are the chairs, and with even smarter computing comes the flexibility to work in a way that suits us. At OldPost, we offer a collaborative working environment that intends to bring out the best in you and your business.

Comfortable, flexible and with excellent features such as an in-house coffeehouse, onsite parking and beautiful countryside location, OldPost is a relaxed working space that says no to the drab and hello to a more colourful way of working.

Take a look at or give us a call on 01737 652131.
Weekends of debauchery not included – though there is an excellent pub next door should you fancy it.

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