Pampered Chef – Could it be for you?

I met with Joanne at a recent event and we connected straight away.  We met for a coffee and shared our stories.  We chatted about how we have had different motivations towards work at different stages of our lives, particularly pre and post children.  I thought it would be worthwhile sharing Jo’s story with you and if it ticks any boxes for you, it is worth having a chat with her about how Pampered Chef could work for you.

I started Pampered Chef nearly 6 years ago and then it was just all about the kitchen products, getting the lovely saucepans for free, earning a little spending money for myself and having a break once in while from my 2 young children.
Over the years I have gained in confidence and I am much more organised, running my own business, I love working when I want to and taking time off when I want to go away or just pop out to see Sports Day one afternoon!  My family is my first priority!
My job has grown with my family. Over the last 18 months I have worked my way to become an Independent Director with the Pampered Chef managing about 12 consultants in my team and I’m now providing them with training, support and leadership.  I earn a meaningful income and work under 10 hours a week! No day is the same, I feel very lucky that I have found the right work/life balance  I am loving what this opportunity has given me……if you would like to learn more or just even have a go, please contact Jo on 07909 774893…..

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