Permanent placements fall for a sixth consecutive month

You can’t go anywhere without hearing the word Brexit and the jobs market is no exception.  The latest UK Report on Jobs highlights that the ongoing uncertainty surrounding our future relationship with the EU is affecting business confidence.  The result? Permanent placements have dropped for a sixth consecutive month.  In the South of England, this is even more marked with ‘placements declining at the sharpest rate in August compared to the rest of the country’.[1]

Although the demand for permanent workers continued to increase, it was the lowest increase in over 7 years, since January 2012.  And those that are recruiting, have to work hard as the availability of permanent workers continues to fall sharply[1].

So with the challenge that is Brexit and the shortage of skills in the market, we wanted to share our top three tips on how your culture can help you to stand out from the competition to attract and retain talent.

Culture is your biggest differentiator

Tip 1: Understand your culture

Be clear about who you are and what you stand for.  You need to articulate clearly what it’s like to work for your organisation.  This is not just in a single recruitment process but always thinking about communicating your mission and values.  What is your employer value proposition for prospective and current employees?  Defining your business clearly and early on in the recruitment process will help you to stand out from the competition.  You can attract the right talent that will ‘fit’ within your business from a cultural perspective as well as having the right skills.

Tip 2: Build your culture

Culture is not something that can simply be stated in a job description.  It is a commitment to creating an environment that actively promotes a positive and supportive working culture.  All employees working there must feel it and it must be embodied by all levels of management.

Tip 3: Promote your culture

Be proud of your culture and communicate it externally.  Create a page dedicated to your culture on your website including testimonials from existing team members.

Promote your culture in job adverts and at interview.  If you offer flexible working, highlight it in your recruitment advertising and be clear on what exactly that means.  What you offer in benefits is an extension of who you are as a company so be clear on what employees – new and existing – can expect.

Get your culture right and your current employees will be advocates of your business, helping to promote you as a business.

Culture is key to success and those that make it a focus of their business ultimately outperform their competitors and grow, even with Brexit forever looming.

[1] Report on Jobs: South of England, KPMG/REC/IHS Markit, August 2019

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