Recruitment Challenge for Small Businesses

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As the economy returns to growth, and with unemployment falling, SME’s are being urged to recruit skilled employees before skills shortages set in; but where do they find this talent?

Employees become ever more important to differentiating and achieving success.  Many businesses were forced to lose staff during hard times but will now need to regain these vital skills and attract the right talent to help their businesses grow.

SME’s have a large talent pool to draw these skills from but must use the right tools to acquire these skills.  For smaller businesses traditional recruitment agencies have proved too costly whilst the online or press alternatives are time consuming and very often unsuccessful.  Despite falling unemployment there are still many people looking for work and often the responses to job adverts means a high volume of applicants.  In many cases a large percentage of these will not be suitable.

Nici Jupp is Managing Director of Talent Gateway, a recruitment business set up with these challenges in mind.  She says that many small businesses have reached the stage where they need new skills, but don’t need these on a full time basis. We can put them in touch with people who are looking to work on a more flexible basis including contract, freelance, consultancy and part time.  This means SME’s get access to the professional skills that are essential to their growth without breaking the bank!

Our sole focus is SME’s and providing the skills that they need to grow.  Trust is a key component when recruiting anyone into your business, particularly when it is a small team.  Getting it right is essential.  Being able to access professional skills flexibly allows these businesses to ‘dip their toe in the water’, without having to dive in head first from the start.

To discuss your business needs please contact Nici on 01883 722008 or email

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