Returning to work? Time to revisit your CV!

Time to revisit your CV!

woman suffering at workOften the thought of returning to work is an equal mix of excitement and dread. Be assured, there are lots of people who can help you through this and there is some very good advice available to help you through it and bring you up to date with current job hunting strategies:

Your CV will be an integral part of that process and if you’re returning to work you need to take a long hard look at your CV and ask yourself if it’s really working for you. CK Futures provides a FREE CV critique service to Talent Gateway, so if you are not sure, just email us your existing CV and our team will run it though our CV Evaluation Tool and give you a rating as well as some really handy advice. We can also write your CV too.

 Your industry has changed.

Even if you have only been away from your career for a short time there will be changes in your industry that you need to be aware of. Research the latest news/trends/views. Look for changes in jargon, acronyms, thought leaders. Make a list and keep this in readiness for updating your CV.

 Skills Audit

Your time away was most probably a whirlwind of activity and if it wasn’t lucky you! Take time to think about what you have been doing. Were you involved in voluntary work, served on a school board, helped in your local community, furthered your education? Activities like this can really count on a CV but you must ensure you only include those activities that back up the skills relevant to your career goal.

 CV Format

There are a number of CV formats and for those returning to work it’s important to select a format that doesn’t discriminate against a break in employment. A functional CV places the emphasis on your skills and expertise rather than the chronology of you employment to date though it is not always the most preferred format recruiters.

A combined CV format follows both the chronological and functional format, which makes the CV slightly longer than normal, but may be the best way of meeting the needs of a recruiter whilst ensuring your break in employment does not work against you. If you’re not sure about the best format for you then get in touch with a professional CV writer, who can advise on the optimal format for your specific circumstances and industry.

Did you know that a research study discovered that parent returners are the most discriminated group at selection stage? This is inverse proportion to the level of work you are seeking – so the higher up the career ladder you go, the less you need to mention your family commitments and instead focus on your skills and accomplishments. CK Futures are specialists in advising people with career gaps, we can help you if you are not sure how to present your information.

 A Covering Letter That Covers

Be honest in your covering letter. Explain your gap in employment but try to frame the gap in a positive way so that you highlight the skills that you have, those that you have accrued during the break and your knowledge of current industry trends.

Guest blog written by Charlotte Eve, Managing Director of CK Futures:



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