Should I consider contracting for a better work life balance?

About Talent GatewayTraditionally, for many of us, when we start out in our careers we focus on being a Permanent Employee, working for a company or organisation that introduces us to the world of corporate life and a clearly defined future.

There is a clear career development path and we go all out to focus on achieving our career aspirations.

However, as we grow and develop both through our work and family life, we get to the stage where we are confident about our abilities and our level of understanding in our field of expertise and have gained valuable work experience.

For many professionals there will come a time when you ask yourself, “Should I become a contractor?”  This is an option to consider when searching for a better ‘work life balance’ Lets weigh up the alternatives:


  • Higher earning potential
  • Your cost to a company is less in the long term
  • In tough times companies often outsource what would normally be their permanent positions
  • Companies don’t have pay benefits, holiday, sickness and other related costs
  • Not restricted or constrained in a fixed position
  • More flexibility
  • Less company politics to consider
  • Fixed hours and daily pay rate
  • More opportunity for career breaks and travel
  • Better for candidates without too many personal or financial commitments and those who are comfortable with rapid change and disruption


  • Security and stability
  • Training and learning opportunities and career progression
  • More likely to achieve a higher profile or managerial position
  • More job satisfaction
  • See full lifecycles of projects and have a more in depth involvement and understanding
  • Benefits, bonus, holiday pay and pay increases
  • Pension and retirement plans
  • More rights as a permanent employee
  • Contractors are expected to have a lot more experience
  • Better choice if looking to settle down


All of the above are certainly open to debate.  However, when considering a better work life balance, contracting is definitely worth considering.  Talent Gateway is a specialist recruitment agency that focuses on achieving flexibility both for clients and candidates.  This approach helps businesses to expand and contract to meet market demand and for candidates they can manage their life commitments with work aspirations.

The world in which we work is changing dramatically, the employment market being far more transient.  Being flexible in our approach means we can cast our net wider in terms of opportunities.  Thinking differently about work is key for both business and candidate.  For more information on flexible working opportunities: or 01883 722008.


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