War on talent!

shutterstock_169106972As the UK economy continues to improve, the number of employees actively looking for work has risen to its highest level in two years. Businesses of all sizes facing the challenges of not only attracting the best candidates but also of retaining the talent they already have.

Recently, the City HR Association highlighted the need for City firms to become more flexible in their recruitment and employee offerings, following a survey it conducted amongst banks and asset management firms.

It will become important for organisations to consider bringing talent in from outside their own sector, recruiting from non-traditional sources such as LinkedIn, and offering more flexible employment opportunities in terms of part time roles and better work-load spread to ensure they are an attractive prospect for current as well as future employees.

Small and medium sized enterprises do not have to be left behind in this “war on talent”, in fact their size enables them to act quickly and change their recruitment policy faster than large businesses are able, giving them a competitive advantage in the race to attract potential employees. At Talent Gateway we work hard to understand the individual needs of a business and put them in touch with people looking to work on a more flexible basis including contract, freelance, consultancy and part time.

Businesses often only offer part-time and flexible working in certain areas when an employee returns from maternity leave. By considering the possibility of part time for new and existing roles, SMEs could be gaining a rich seam of talent, as well as retaining a happier, more productive workforce by avoiding unnecessary pressure on existing employees. Often the expectation is that work will be absorbed by them until such time as the necessity for a full-time skillset becomes apparent.

SMEs also need to consider new ways of reaching potential employees through their recruitment process. Many are struggling to find the right people and skillsets and as well as attracting candidates by offering a desirable work/life balance, recruiters need to look to less traditional methods of recruitment. They should consider complementing their current recruitment channels with online services and specialist recruiters focused on the particular needs of SMEs.

Talent Gateway is a recruitment provider helping growing businesses recruit executives on a part time basis. Allowing SMEs to access the vital resource of professional skills that are essential to their growth while simultaneously becoming more desirable to that same talent by offering flexible terms and a better work/life balance.

To be a winner in the “war on talent” all businesses need to be open to the changes that the future will bring in terms of recruitment processes, and, right now that future looks flexible!

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