Give back: why working for a charity gives you more than just a feel-good factor

Candidates want to work with organisations that have a purpose and charities are top of the list when it comes to an organisation with purpose. The large majority of charities are micro or small organisations supporting a wide range of causes that you can get behind. But beyond that, working for a charity can help to shape your career and skills.  Here we list our top 6 reasons why working for a charity could be the right choice for your next career move.

Reason 1 – Every day is different at a small charity

Typically small charities have less resources meaning you will get involved in a range of different projects and pick up a wealth of new skills. This can give you real variety in your working day as well as accelerate your personal development. There is likely to be more flexibility to define your role. You may start in a specific marketing role but find you are working on all elements of marketing, giving you a taste of different specialisms together with valuable experience.

Reason 2 – Small charities with big benefits

Charities pay can be competitive but what’s more is the added benefits. You may find that some charities are more open to flexible and home working solutions giving you the ability to have a better work–life balance.

Reason 3 – United team with a common goal

Teams work better together when they driven by same goal and this couldn’t be truer in a small charity. Working in any small organisation, you are far more likely to interact with a range of people in the business. But knowing that everyone is united by the same worthy cause can have a big impact on team morale and comradery.

Reason 4 – Get things done quickly

A simple hierarchy means there isn’t reams of approvals and meetings to make decisions. This gives you more time to deliver and can also help to breed a culture of openness to change. You can quickly implement a new idea or change ways of working.  This can enhance that sense of making a difference and increase job satisfaction.

Reason 5 – Get close to the action

A small team means you are closer to the action. You may have opportunities to be at the front end and see the impact you are having first hand. In addition, you are more likely to have opportunities to understand the wider workings of the charity and sector as a whole – what external factors impact the charity. In other words, this can help build your career and move into more strategic roles.

Reason 6 – Knowing you are making a difference with a charity

This is probably one of the biggest reasons candidates move into the role – the ‘feel good factor’. We spend a huge amount of our life at work. As a result, it is important to do a job that you are passionate about, that inspires you and gives you a sense of pride. There is a real variety of charities out there so you can find a cause that you really believe in. More and more candidates want to work with organisations with a purpose and charities definitely deliver that.

Boost your skills whilst making a difference

Everyone is motivated differently but if you are looking for a change in a career why not consider working for a small charity? It can provide you with great benefits, the opportunity to work across a range of projects and you go home each day knowing you are making a difference. And if you are still not sure, why not see if there is the opportunity to volunteer? This could give you valuable insight the sector and your ‘fit’ whilst you also gain experience working for a charity.

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