Business Trends 2020: How companies are using purpose and culture as growth drivers

Throughout our business and personal lives, consciously and unconsciously, we make “selection” assessments. Today, businesses, customers and employees are all making decisions based on more than just finance.  Those businesses that stay ahead of the competition, keep their customers happy, attract, recruit & retain the best talent, are those with a clear purpose and enriching culture.

On Tuesday 21st May, leaders from a range of sectors and businesses gathered to hear some thought-provoking insights on how putting purpose and culture at the heart of business can ultimately drive growth and increase profit.  Speakers included fellow GDB members Nici Jupp, Talent Gateway and Jan Rogers of ESETU, together with R. Michael Anderson, Technology Leadership Insider, Sarah Fraser, Head of the Willmott Dixon Foundation and Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value UK.  The event was kindly sponsored by GDB member Andy Tillbrook, Managing Director of Robert Denholm House.

Key points included the importance of embedding purpose and culture throughout a business, working collaboratively to achieve this and the need for scrutiny to ensure accountability.  The intrinsic relationship between purpose and culture was highlighted and the requirement to clearly communicate this together with being proud of your purpose and achievements.

If you are interested in learning more, contact to hear about future events.

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