Does it matter what your Clients say about you?

What your clients say about you matters, especially when it is going to be published on the Internet.  Nowadays people rarely make any kind of purchase without first checking online reviews.  According to Inc approximately 91 percent of consumers read online reviews and client testimonials, with 84 percent of people trusting that online feedback as much as a personal recommendation from a friend.   

Taking the time to reflect on your service, and asking your clients what they really think, can be extremely useful for understanding what you are doing well, and what you might improve upon.

When you think about gathering client feedback, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of possibilities. However, taking a proactive approach to collecting this information ensures you are able remain in touch with the needs of your clients, even as those needs evolve.

At Talent Gateway we have always acknowledged the importance of gathering client feedback, not least as it enables us to involve them in shaping our business so that it better meets their needs.  Often clients will give us positive feedback about the difference we make to their business and we wondered how best to share this and details of who we are working with.  As a result we have recently started recording video feedback and testimonials, and approached one of our long-standing clients, Serve Legal, to participate.  The whole team felt quite emotional hearing first-hand feedback from co-founder and director Ed Heaver about his experience of working with Talent Gateway.

Thank you to Bright Light Film and Serve Legal for their support in making this video.