Marketing and E-Commerce Team

Our client believes that every child can master an understanding and love of maths with the right kind of teaching and support.

Their mission is to improve the standard of maths education by providing world-class textbooks, teaching resources and professional development based on the transformational teaching methods developed in Singapore.

We worked closely with a number of the team to understand the culture at our client to ensure that any role we filled for them was with individuals who valued what they have to offer and would fit and thrive within their environment.  This didn’t mean ‘group think’ it meant an understanding of those already within the business and what attitudes and beliefs new team members would need to have in order to work well and develop within the organisation.

We successfully filled the Head of product development for our client by targeting an individual who was not looking to move.  The draw of our clients offering meant that they were open to a discussion and ultimately, they joined the business, having previously worked in a global organisation.  The key to our success was working with the business and candidate to articulate what was valued both in terms of the role, environment but also the benefits which were important.  This meant that there was a clear understanding of one another and that both would start their relationship on a very positive note.

We successfully recruited the team including: Marketing Manager, Digital and E-Commerce Manager, Website Development Manager, Head of Product Development, Marketing support executive.

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