The Services offered by Talent Gateway

  • Have you ever taken an individual on and got more from them than others thought was possible?

  • Have you recruited someone who was perceived to be ‘Top talent’ from a competitor that disappointed?

  • Have you ever recruited an individual who looked great on paper, had all the right experience and skills and interviewed really well – once they joined it all went horribly wrong?

Our process avoids this disappointment by being robust and backed up with business experience, recruitment knowledge, multi sector experience and the use of market leading psychometric tools.

 Executive Search

We target the best in the market for our clients business.  Those who will thrive in their environment and enable them to deliver against their ambitions.

At talent gateway we combine four key elements to achieve successful results:

Individual focus:

  1. Skills and experience – what have you done to date
  2. Values, motives & preferences – what motivates the individual, what environment will they be most successful

Business focus:

  1. Internal - Culture, business strategy, challenges and aspirations
  2. External - market dynamics, macro economic impacts

We combine our business knowledge, market experience and back this up with science and data.  Using a combination of techniques throughout the process including a stringent interviews to build a clear understanding of our client’s culture, environment, team dynamics, characteristics of top performers.

Our methodology is underpinned with science. Using psychometric market leading  tools which are:

  • Proven – the tools have a 30 year track record, have been positively reviewed by the British Pyschological Survey, and deliver robust, consistent results
  • Uniquely positioned to assess organisational fit
  • Can demonstrate an individuals potential contribution to the organisation

 Leadership Development

  • One to one coaching
  • Team coaching

How the Coaching Partnership Works

Whether as part of a Corporate Leadership Programme or individual Executive Coaching, Boldly-Go provides a structured programme specifically designed to empower individuals to:

  • Uncover their authentic leadership voice – connecting with the courage to lead in their own way in challenging situations
  • Understand and play to strengths – and lead from personal strength
  • Identify personal vision and maintain leadership drive in the context of demanding workloads
  • Discover individual resilience approaches
  • Identifying the blocks and beliefs that are holding them back from stepping into their potential
  • Build self – awareness and enhance their emotional intelligence and to take bold action and implement lasting changes

The programme comprises around 10 – 12 sessions and takes place over a 8 – 12 month period subject to individual or organisational requirement with coaching sessions taking place every 3-4 weeks.

Boldly-Go Leadership Coaching is a blend of face to face, Skype or phone coaching. Where circumstances and time allows coaching can take place away from the office – Sarah has a particular passion for coaching in the great outdoors and where clients share this passion suitable coaching locations can be chosen.

A strength based focus is central to our approach and we use a strengths profiling tool as part of the coaching programme.


Are you cultivating the talent today that your business will need tomorrow? 

Where is your company headed in the next three, five or ten years? What skills will your business need to be successful in the changing business environment?

Gone are the days when businesses could expect a pool of talent to fish in whenever they need it. Recruitment of talented people takes time and, particularly when key staff leave, the longer the recruitment process takes, the higher the organisational disruption and opportunity cost. Recruitment decisions made in a hurry can also mean making compromises.

Finding the best employees requires proactive talent mapping.

Talent mapping helps you:

  • determine your future talent needs
  • assess the viability of your current staff to meet those needs
  • develop a strategic plan to fill identified skills and gaps.

Our assessments service

  • Sources high-potential talent in your field for future recruitment, creating pipelines of would-be recruits
  • Identifies key candidates who could fill important positions
  • Develops training paths and leadership programmes to help mould your current staff into the employees you'll need tomorrow
  • Creates a roadmap for succession planning, future recruiting, and employee development initiatives.

Onboarding – improving retention

Recruiting the right people is the first challenge…motivating them to stay is the next.

The way we do business is changing. Digitalisation, a younger workforce and a volatile economic climate means the job for life is over but successful companies keep their best talent for as long as possible.


Statistics show that first impressions count – as much as 20 percent of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days and the Society for Human Resources Management reports that turnover can be as high as 50 percent in the first 18 months.

From the initial welcome to HR paperwork, job understanding and cultural fit – getting the first weeks and months of an employee’s experience right is crucial to recruitment success.

Our on-boarding service:

  • conveys your brand and values to new employees
  • introduces your people and professional culture
  • provides the tools for the employee to become part of the team and
  • ensures that new hires are successful as quickly as possible


  • Reduce turnover - involving new hires in the company makes them feel welcome and positive and they are more likely to make a connection and want to stay
  • Improve communication – when senior management meet new staff they open up lines of dialogue in both directions, helping improve motivation, buy in and performance
  • Grow your business – engaged employees are more motivated and deliver better results
  • Reduce costs – improved retention lowers recruitment costs

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