Leadership Development and Coaching

Boldly-Go 1:1 Leadership Coaching

Boldly-Go Coaching is partnership where the client and coach work together to uncover the clients strengths, their unique leadership style and vision, personal drivers as well as any blocks and potential derailers, in order that they can bring the best of themselves into their professional and personal lives.

In coaching the solutions come from the client because they are the expert in their own life: the coach is the expert in facilitating the process, championing the greatest set of possibilities for the client, challenging and stretching them, whilst supporting them in a confidential non-judgmental environment, through a process which enables them to explore and fulfil their potential. Our role as coach is to work with clients to “play big”, to challenge them to stretch beyond what they once believed was possible.

Boldly-Go Team Coaching

Boldly-Go Team and group coaching approaches are developed in response to the clients team development needs, presenting challenges and the wider organizational context and requirements.

Team Coaching utilises the TCI Team Diagnostic tool which provides an easy to interpret data snap shot of where the team is now in terms of productivity and positivity (the latter being team culture/spirit) and highlights where the team needs to direct it’s attention to be more effective and to deliver results (which is after all what teams exist to do!).

TCI Team Dynamics looks at the team as a whole – as a “system”, an entity in it’s own right it brings together each teams members view of the team, collated to create a full view of how it performs. The Team Coaching process makes the team responsible for co-creating their own solutions around identified areas of development and utilises the power of the team so that it becomes greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Team Coaching programmes are bespoke to each client. A typical Team Coaching engagement will begin with a 1-2 day Team event to debrief the outcomes of the Team Diagnostic, to identify both the areas of opportunity and development for the team and to set the direction of travel for the Team coaching. This session is then followed by monthly Team Coaching sessions over a 6 month period and followed up with another Team Diagnostic (delivered free of charge) to review the progress of the team against identified goals.

Areas of focus in workshops and Team coaching engagements include:

  • Creating high performing teams - moving teams from fine to great
  • Improving team productivity and team spirit
  • Developing shared leadership vision and values
  • Building team alignment
  • Identifying and playing to team strength
  • Developing team charters and conflict protocols
  • Leadership in transition and leading through change

About Boldly-Go Leadership

A straight talker with high levels of professionalism and a sense of fun, Sarah Hardman is a certified leadership and team coach with a passion for working with existing and emerging leaders, so that they bring the best of themselves into their organisations and be authentic leaders that others want to work with and to follow.

A passionate advocate of positive psychology and strengths based work, Sarah is naturally curious and has always been fascinated by what makes people tick, what motivates individuals and how that can be harnessed to enable them to be the best they can be. Sarah brings this curiosity and belief in human potential into her leadership coaching and facilitation work, championing and challenging people to stretch beyond currently perceived limits whilst at the same time providing a safe, supportive working space where possibilities can be explored. Sarah’s style is upbeat and active; she loves to play with space; working creatively with clients, she invites them to step in and out of different perspectives to support problem solving and decision making. Accountability and action are embedded in her approach, ensuring that clients progress in making desired changes and achieving the goals they have identified.

In her 20 year marketing career, which paralleled her coaching and leadership development endeavours, Sarah has worked for organisations including Coca Cola Schweppes, Routledge Publishing and latterly the British Library where she was Head of Audience Development and Brand and led both organisational change and brand positioning programmes. Having worked at a senior level Sarah has experienced first-hand the importance of inspirational leadership both on business performance and on employee engagement.


Boldly-Go works with clients across a wide range of sectors including culture and heritage, publishing, digital media, education and professional services.
Clients include:

  • Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)
  • British Library
  • Sotheby’s
  • Total Media
  • CIPD
  • Approved Executive and Team Coach for the UK Senior Civil Service


“Sarah is a fantastic coach. Her energy, enthusiasm, warmth and humour engaged me from the outset, she is creative, resourceful and has been an amazing champion of my potential and challenger of anything that gets in the way of me realising this. I have loved having her in my corner and quite simply don’t think I would have progressed so far with my business without her focused support and unerring optimism and belief in me. I can highly recommend her”.
Consultant – Health sector

“Sarah has a no-nonsense approach. She is straight forward, challenging, and above all, insightful. From the first chemistry review session it was clear that she really wanted to understand what made me tick and what was really going on! At the outset, Sarah promised to be alongside me and she was; not only during our sessions but in the intervening periods. She kept me honest and didn't let me off the hook. Sarah has helped me greatly over the last few months - she has set me up for success in a new role and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a true co-pilot!”.
Senior Civil Servant

“Through my career I have been fortunate enough to have exposure to a wide number of coaches all of whom have helped me develop, and specifically, to bring structure to my development. With Sarah I was able to throw off the shackles that I had allowed structure to become and look closer at what is authentically me. In doing so I feel that I have gained renewed confidence and resource to address my professional challenges and opportunities”.
Managing Director – Digital Marketing.

“Good at managing complex situations and personalities, Sarah has a particular aptitude for managing big groups, with big characters – this means that she cuts to the chase with the particular issues that arise. I always get a balanced perspective from Sarah which generates a lot of trust in what she is saying being both accurate and deliverable - and this combined with her authentic, straight forward approach contributes to her high credibility”.
Assistant Director - Culture sector.