5 competitive advantages you gain by championing thought diversity

We are in a new economic age.  Post global financial crisis and Brexit looming, austerity is not just a temporary fix, but here to stay for the foreseeable future. As a result, public services and the not-for-profit organisations working alongside them, are under unprecedented pressure to develop new solutions, within tighter budgets and inside shifting …

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How do I Recruit? Part 2

Read our second step by step guide on how to recruit with tips on ensuring recruitment best practice and attracting the right talent for your business.  Our helpful manual is designed to walk you through each stage of the recruitment process. This second guide takes you from shortlisting candidates through to ensuring successful onboarding.  

Programme Manager – Transformation

Our client is district council whom are on a transformational journey both culturally and digitally.  They had a requirement for a Programme Manager to manage the implementation of a number of their change programs.  Their requirements was for a candidate with both public and private sector experience.  We successfully recruited a high calibre individual into …

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App Marketing Manager

Our client delivers information through a range of formats from newspapers through to online services around the world. Their opinions are objective, original and provide insights from around the world. They have extensive digital & marketing skills in house and needed our support to fill this key role within the team. We recruited an App Marketing …

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