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What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent acquisition is the ongoing process of finding, interviewing, recruiting and onboarding the right people for your company, based on understanding who you are and who you really need. 

How does talent acquisition differ from recruitment?

Recruitment is a fundamental component of talent acquisition, but it’s one of many. Talent acquisition represents the entire strategy around recruitment — from writing job descriptions to interview training to candidate assessments. 

Where recruiters often fill predefined roles with anyone, talent acquisition identifies what the role needs to be, first, before finding the right person for you and your business.  

The Talent Gateway Talent Acquisition Process

Effective talent acquisition is meant to get under the skin of your company. This is in order to help you attract and retain not just the ‘best talent possible’, but also the most suitable for you and your brand. 

To do that, we go through a repeatable 5 stage journey.

Client Discovery

Stage One: Client Discovery

Client Discovery is our way of getting to know you and your business. As a scale-up leader, we understand how you can be pulled in a thousand different directions at once. Our goal during this stage is to uncover your immediate hiring needs: what role is really going to make the biggest impact. 

To ensure a successful fit, we analyse and interpret your business’s DNA. Your culture, values, ethics, and style of working all fall under this process. 

Role Specification

Stage Two: Role Specification

Once the right role has been identified and your DNA decoded, we can embark on developing two crucial yet oft overlooked components of talent acquisition: job description and person specification. 

These provide a framework for what you require the role to achieve, and the person behind the work itself. 

You need the work done to the highest standard possible. Yes, but by a person who you love working with, as well? Why would you settle for anything less. This stage helps attract the right talent from the get-go. 

Recruitment Marketing

Stage Three: Recruitment Marketing

From job boards to LinkedIn, there are dozens of places where you can advertise a new role. However, what many scale-ups fail to convey during a recruitment drive is one simple thing: why should anyone work for you? You’re likely not well known, yet. 

Recruitment marketing is the process of conveying your businesses best qualities whenever you advertise a new role. This allows potential candidates to see how amazing you are, how brilliant your company is to work for, and why they absolutely cannot pass up the chance to apply. 

Candidate Assessment

Stage Four: Candidate Assessment

Understanding how candidate assessment works will ultimately ensure you have a robust yet time-efficient interview process. This all comes down to knowing the right questions to ask, having the right assessment tools in place, and understanding the attitude and aptitude you are looking for.

What candidate assessment is not, however, is a tick box exercise to be done at the end of an interview. The cost of a bad hire can be extremely expensive. 

The complexity of the role at hand can influence the way candidate assessment is done, but the core assessment principles we’ll take you through should remain for every future candidate you engage with.

Onboarding Strategy

Stage Five: Onboarding Strategy

So you’ve settled on someone. Amazing. Now what? 

Onboarding is the process of ensuring whoever it is you have hired becomes settled in their new role as soon as possible. This requires a lot of forward planning and, again, as a time-poor scale-up leader we understand how difficult this might be when you ‘just need someone to hit the ground running’. 

A successful onboarding strategy will actually save you time in the long run. It helps your new recruit understand what is expected of them, and where they fit within the organisation, before they even set foot in the office.

Our Success Stories

What our clients say

Having wasted time with both higher and lower cost alternatives, we asked the team at Talent Gateway to undertake a complex project for us to recruit a broad spectrum of talented people in a long established but fluid and fast-growing business. The team had to work with board members to junior management, across time zones and meeting technologies, handling sometimes conflicting demands and time pressures with flexible teamwork, professionalism and integrity. The key to good talent recruiting is of course a deep understanding of our requirements and in that respect their efforts were first class. They listened well and engaged with the team, working creatively with market insight and recommendations to help us develop a better understanding of our own needs, which meant we ended up with great results. Overall the process was well supported, pain free, and they did what they said they would do: provided us with a great Marketing and E-commerce team, that have been central to the growth the business.

International Educational Publishing Business - COO

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