Our Story

Talent Gateway was established in 2012 by Nici Jupp, with an initial vision of driving demand for flexible working opportunities for those experienced professionals no longer seeking full time employment.  Our business has evolved over time through our strength and knowledge in the fast paced digital space and we now focus on helping our client navigate this rapidly changing market.

We know that one size doesn't fit all which is why we are an agile business focused on our clients needs and shaping the solution to meet this. We have experience of recruiting full teams through to single recruitment projects.  The roles range from board level through to entry level and everything in between.  Our clients are often at different stages of the marketing and digital evolution which is why working with a specialist in Marketing and Digital is the right choice for them.


Nici Jupp :

Nici Jupp

Nici understands how operating in a rapidly changing, volatile market leaves some clients feeling challenged and confused about what their talent strategy should involve. What we know is that one size doesn't fit all. Nici loves working with clients to understand their business goals and to translate this into talent strategies fit to deliver the business success.

Nici’s favourite things in life are her family - three great kids, a hugely supportive husband – and holidays. Top destination? South Africa - she’s been there once and fell in love with its beautiful landscapes and cultural diversity. Oh and her chocolate Labrador, Dexter, is practically part of the family - and the business - too.

When she’s not busy working with her clients, Nici can be found pounding the hills of Surrey Downs in her running shoes. She’s run two marathons, a 100k trail walk, and is soon to embark on her first ultra marathon - each to their own!

Nici’s Experience and Skills

Nici is a geek at heart and loves anything to do with product, digital marketing, e-commerce and customer experience. She is an expert at recruiting into these roles and data insights & analytics.

Nici holds a BSc in Business and Finance is a Chartered Marketeer, has a Certificate in Recruitment Practice and is GC Index accredited. She has also held a non-executive director role on her local CCG and Skills Committee member to Coast to Capital LEP (Economic empowerment). Clients have included Cable and Wireless, Nokia, IBM, Economist, Colt, Aqualisa and Just.

Nici’s GC Index profile score (pdf) does a good job of describing her at work. Nici has strong Game Changer inclinations – open to new ideas and thinking outside the box. She doesn’t settle for ‘good enough’ with a leadership approach that is a driver for ‘leading edge’ change. In short, Nici’s passion and leadership provides Talent Gateway with a unique perspective on executive search and recruitment, as our many satisfied clients will tell you!

Nici Jupp on LinkedIn

Hogan Certifed

We are certified to use two psychometric tools, providing you with richer candidate insights which enhance the recruitment process.

Hogan’s widely respected suite of assessment tools are designed to assess a candidates values and motivations, main personality characteristics, and potential ‘de-railers’ – characteristics which emerge only under stress and which are unlikely to be exhibited through interview discussions. We recommend the use of these tools prior to final interview, to guide discussions with your short-listed candidates.

GC Index Accredited

The GC Index® is a scientific framework used to identify Game Changers and game changing contributions. It focuses on impact, allowing people to recognise how they can best make an impact and contribute both as an individual and as part of a team. By establishing the part that each person can play, it can help to create effective teams that will compliment each other’s skills set and collectively be ‘game-changing’. This tool is of particular value where a vacancy (or vacancies) provide the opportunity to assess and address an imbalance in team.

Gatwick Diamond Business

We are a member of Gatwick Diamond Business, which represents, supports and empower local businesses. As a community of businesses, it provides the opportunity to network, share best practice, give local businesses influence and impact and ensure that the Gatwick Diamond area remains a centre of excellence.

TEAM Approved

Team is the UK's largest network of independent recruiters and employment businesses. It provides access to a range of tools and insights into the recruitment industry as well as networking opportunities and savings on advertising, which we can pass onto our clients.

Social Value Pioneer

We commit to understanding and quantifying our social impact. We are a member of Social Value UK and are working towards social value certification. Social Value UK is the national network for social impact and social value with a goal to change the way society accounts for value.