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Solving your Talent Acquisition Challenges

Just Secured Funding

Fresh from celebrating your fundraise, your new priority is getting the right team in place to execute on your plan. Your investors will give you time – but not too much – before looking for progress against your OKRs.

However this progress can’t happen without your new team, so you need to hire fast. But without killing your culture. And you don’t have time (or spare funds) to go through it twice to replace a mis-hire. Oh, and before even starting you need to tie down exactly what you’re looking for from each hire.

That’s where we come in. We know what it takes to build great teams, quickly. We work with you as your talent partner to guide and challenge you right from creating your hiring plan, to on-boarding your new team. And all the while, we’re creating talent acquisition capability within your business so you can go it alone for your next hires.

The difference we made

Rapid Growth

Growth doesn’t happen in a straight line and it’s not always possible to plan in advance. This might be why growing businesses often find themselves with a ‘recruitment problem’. We hear it all the time – ‘we just need more good people’, ‘recruitment is just taking too long’, or worse ‘we’ve got a revolving door with people leaving as quickly as we can hire them’.

There’s no magic bullet, but by working with you to unpick your talent challenges, we can tackle the root causes, attract and hire the talent you need now, and build the capability in your business to support your future growth.

The difference we made

Time to Grow

You’ve proved the concept, established strong customer relationships, and are now ready to take your story to the wider market. Business development and marketing are the immediate priority but you’ll also be looking at your wider operations. The worst move would be to drop the ball and damage your hard-earnt reputation for delivery.

Where ever you start, you’ll be hiring across your business and now’s the time to get solid foundations in place. We’ll work with you to build these foundations, as well as hiring the immediate talent you need for your next step forward.

The difference we made

Let’s Talk

Having a challenge with your talent acquisition? Whether you need help now, or just some advice to find the root cause of the issue, why not get in touch for an initial chat?