Bespoke Recruitment for Scale Ups

The alternative to building your own in house recruitment team.

Having secured new investment, recruitment becomes a key strategic priority for scale-up leaders. We work as a business partner with you and your teams to recruit the right people across your business, from your expanding leadership team, to essential support roles.

Culture and values

In a young company, you may not have sat down to define your culture and values – but you’ll already have a clear way of working. We invest time to understand this before talking to candidates  – this means that we can focus on people who will love working in your business, and deliver results for you.

Cross functional and global teams

Working internationally and across all functions allows you to have one cohesive team working on your behalf, communicating consistently with potential new employees.

We recently recruited 22 roles for one scale up business across functions and internationally. Examples include:

  • part-time CFO
  • CTO
  • Supply chain manager (based in China)
  • Head of Marketing
  • Quality control
  • Design Engineer
  • Project manager

Choosing a partner that can cover both senior level and junior roles across the business provides a quality experience for both you, your teams and your new recruits. 

Flexible commercial model

Like the rest of our service the commercial model fits around your needs. See an example below:

Following a successful funding round, the CEO of a scale-up client got in touch to discuss upcoming hiring requirements.  We provided a fixed monthly cost across a 4 month project to recruit their initial 12 highest priority roles. Having filled each of these roles (plus 3 additional roles which emerged during this time) their pace of recruitment slowed. We offered a lower cost, in line with this new level of requirement. 

We understand that a business’ talent acquisition challenges can be complex and ever-changing.

That is why we offer a range of options enabling you to pick the components best suited to your company’s unique recruitment needs, including:

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Whilst you will have a recruitment team supporting your recruitment needs in the back office. You will have your own customer success manager who understands your business and recruitment needs and ensures that we are delivering against our promises.

Job Description & Person Specification

Every recruitment process starts by identifying the need. The output of this need is the creation of a Job description and a person specification. This is something you will either already have or we can help you shape and develop.

Writing & Advertising your Role Vacancies – Job Boards & Social platforms

Each platform uses a different methodology to prioritise your advert. We will write the ad copy for each of the platforms and choose the one/s that are right to target your chosen candidates and then post the ads on these boards. We have access to all the major job boards and social platforms.

Sifting applicants against your key criteria

In today’s market, there are lots of applicants, many of whom could have the skills and experience to fulfil your role. However, it’s vital to understand what the key components are that make a candidate the right one for you. We will then sift candidates based on this criteria, to ensure you only see those that are an absolute match rather than those that ‘might’ be right.

Developing your Employer Value Proposition

We help you understand and articulate your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). By understanding the values and culture your business embodies, and the practical benefits for employees such as learning, growth and development opportunities, your company is correctly positioned to project a solid brand that attracts top candidates.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Access to our online Applicant Tracking System where you can see your recruitment dashboard including real time information on the latest candidates who’ve applied for your vacancies, enabling you to make faster and more informed hiring decisions.

Interview Training and Mentoring for Hiring Managers

Even experienced hiring managers can benefit from interview skills training – we offer one-to-one and group training as well as post interview critique and mentoring.

Recruitment Microsite or Careers Page Development

We develop a bespoke recruitment microsite, attracting candidates and job seekers via targeted and brand customised landing pages.

Planning your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Working alongside your managers to develop an understanding of your future workplace hiring needs.

Skills and Competence Assessments/Framework

Taking the time to develop a thorough understanding of your company’s operations and each of the skills and competencies that each position requires for success.

Psychometric Testing

We can conduct psychometric assessments at any stage of the recruitment process (and even for existing staff) to evaluate the intelligence, aptitude and personality of candidates, as well as how they handle pressure and their working style.


Higher quality talent

You want the best hires, even if you operate in a competitive or niche marketplace. With ‘Talent Gateway Inside’ the time, energy and expertise that we invest in sourcing, screening and shortlisting potential candidates ensures that your business gets the best talent.

Cost efficiency

Talent Gateway Inside is more cost-effective than traditional recruitment. Our monthly flat fee with no additional costs means you can budget/forecast effectively.

Flexible, scalable recruitment

We recognise that recruitment needs are rarely consistent. If your business is growing quickly, or opening a new location, it may need many new staff as quickly as possible. Likewise, there may be months that pass without the need for a single hire. The flexible nature of Talent Gateway Inside means it can scale according to your business’ needs.

Reduction in advertising expenditure

Spending money advertising on expensive job boards is eliminated. Our fees include the cost of ALL adverts.

Benefit from the latest technology

Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) enabling you to get up-to-date information on the status of each role and candidate whilst the KPI Dashboard provides at a glance access to Management Information

Employer Value Proposition

It is universally agreed that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring. Talent Gateway Inside helps businesses really define their value to potential candidates, enabling us to effectively market a business to candidates – even in difficult, traditionally challenging industries.

Reduction in talent acquisition spend

Finding talent is a time-consuming process, and this is especially the case when recruiting for hard-to-fill roles. For every position that remains vacant within an organisation, a business is losing money. Our commitment and expertise means we are able to quickly fill even the most difficult roles.

Enhanced candidate engagement

Having time to deliver a great candidate experience is important for your company in order to protect your reputation and brand. Ensuring candidates have a positive experience whether they are successful in obtaining a role with you or not, takes time and investment. Having the Talent Gateway team focused on this, ensures you are positioned well with all individuals enhancing your business’ reputation and increasing the chances of attracting top talent.

Efficient recruitment processes

Within many organisations, recruitment is often approached independently in different parts of the business, which can be inefficient and result in excessive spend. Talent Gateway Inside works across the business, developing the knowledge, experience and best practices required to deliver the best results for you.

HR is freed up to focus on strategic goals

By taking care of all your recruitment needs Talent Gateway Inside removes a time consuming element of work load from the HR department, freeing them up to focus on the more strategic parts of their role.

We are passionate about helping to build your business through the quality of your people.

We are proactive and work flexibly to always deliver for you and your team so you have the right level of support and get the best return on your investment.

If you don’t have the resources or the experience in-house to devote to developing a talent acquisition strategy, Talent Gateway Inside could be the answer. Get in touch to find out more.