Our Best Interview Tips and Guidance for Candidates

At the point of contact, the interview is the most important part of the job acquisition process for both interviewer and interviewee. A person to person conversation about how the challenges of the job and how you, the candidate, will tackle that challenge. The best opportunity to learn about a role and your potential employer and present why they should employ you.

Sounds daunting, right? We totally get it. As recruitment specialists for growing business here at Talent Gateway, we’re intimately familiar with the interview process and all the ways it can go oh so right and oh so wrong.

But, not to fear, we’re here to help. Using our expertise, we’ve devised a PDF full of the very best tips and guidance for the interview process, to help you stay calm, stay collected, and nail that interview from the moment you walk into the room.


While everything is compiled nicely into the PDF above, here’s an overview of some of our favourite tips and guidance.

Dress to Impress

First impressions do really count at an interview. The annual Career Builders survey showed 50% of employers surveyed considered dressing inappropriately a ‘instant deal breaker’. Let them know you walk the walk AND talk the talk with appropriate smart casual clothing. Something you know would fit in an office setting to show you’re ready to work.

Know your employer

Knowledge of the company and the industry they work in is crucial to your success. It’s a sure-fire way to get across your interest in the job, and also a great way to see if it’s somewhere you’d actually want to work beyond the surface offerings. Try to familiarise yourself with a company’s current news, recent press releases, or its products and services. Look at the employer mission statement to determine three personal qualities the organisation might value in prospective employees. Think about experiences or situations in which you displayed some of those personal qualities. All of these will help you stand out as someone who has done their research and can prove themselves to be an instant help from the get-go.

The Most Common Questions

In our PDF, you’ll find an entire list of the FAQ’s interviewers love to throw your way. Give these questions a mull over before you enter the interview process to really look like you’ve come prepared for any and every situation. ‘Take me through your CV.’ and ‘What motivated you to apply for this job?’ are important questions that need important answers! You’ll find everything you need to know and more for these types of questions on the PDF.