Job-hunting during the pandemic

These are strange and unusual times, particularly if you are looking for a new role.  Many companies have a hiring freeze in place whilst others are continuing to recruit but delaying start dates.  Finally, there are companies who are operating ‘business as usual’ with laptops being couriered to new staff and onboarding happening remotely.

Undoubtedly some sectors have been very badly hit by the crisis with travel, leisure, entertainment, and hospitality all impacted significantly.  However, other companies are finding that the product or service they provide is in great demand and so their business is growing including online entertainment, IT infrastructure and cloud computing, supermarkets, and healthcare.

If you are concerned about how your role and company will fare in the coming weeks – or you are considering a move; take time to consider how your expertise might transfer over to a role in an industry that has had a significant boost in the last few weeks.

Now is also the ideal time to consider how to best market yourself.  If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile recently spend some time reviewing it so that it really does you justice.  If you don’t know where to start, take a look at our post ‘Optimise your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters find you’ and make changes so that your profile stands out.

When it comes to CVs, one size does not fit all. Employers want to see how your skills and experience match the specific role they’ve advertised.  Most recruiters will easily spot a generic CV.  We recommend you customise your CV for each position you apply for; tailoring your CV will show employers you’re a serious candidate, and that you really want to work for them. If you need some inspiration for addressing you CV, we have some CV templates on our blog ‘15 CV Templates’.

Finally, keep an eye on our job listings page for the right role for you – as companies begin to plan for a post-pandemic future we expect to see the number of vacancies quickly grow.

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