Based in Croydon and with clients globally, Natterbox enables organisations to deliver class-leading service levels to their customers through efficient and effective integration of voice into their digital customer communications. However, as a rapidly growing organisation, one of Natterbox’ biggest challenges was recruiting the right people, quickly enough to enable them to sustain their growth.

Talent Gateway first engaged engaged with Natterbox in 2018; from the outset we have worked closely with them to understand and meet their requirements. A visit to their offices enabled us to draw up a comprehensive list of reasons why candidates should join the company, as well as a far better understanding of their business structure and the services and solutions that they offer their own customers. Time spent with hiring managers meant we understood the varied requirements for each role, and also ‘what good looks like’ for each manager.

The result of our approach has been that we are usually able to concisely shortlist no more than three candidates for each position, making the task of interviewing and selecting a candidate both quicker and more efficient.

Roles Successfully Recruited

  • Chief People Officer
  • Pre-Sales Consultant
  • Bilingual Marketing Executive
  • Multiple Customer Support Engineers

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