Take aways from the playbook

We have built this playbook based on our experience over the last decade. Much has changed but there are common themes which remain constant. Now more than ever seems like the right time to share because scale ups face a fiercely competitive market and the challenge of building out teams at pace, embedding talent acquisition processes and using technology to improve the candidate experience is vital. The insights are practical and based on experience across multiple sectors globally.

  1. The importance of hiring managers being able to interview well and to feel confident in their abilities.  
  2. Understanding your employer value proposition is key to standing out from the crowd
  3. Ensuring you communicate your employer value proposition through your careers site and social platforms ‘tells your story’
  4. It’s not what you do it’s the way that you–do it – candidate experience is vital
  5. How to advertise out of your own network effectively and how to utilize your network to extend your reach
  6. Think about the sequence of scaling your hiring – don’t try to onboard too many people at any one time, the impact on a small scaling business can be huge
  7. How to understand and read your candidate market – you might want to consider left field options
  8. Why you must consider your business culture when hiring- this goes back to the candidate experience.  There needs to be a match between what the candidate thinks they are buying in to and what they actually experience.

We are always happy to offer guidance or support if you are facing challenges. Drop us a note: info@talentgateway.net and one of our team with come back to you. Happy reading!