The Benefits of Outsourcing your Recruitment Function

Your staff are the key to the success of your business however, finding the right people is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today, not least because it can be an incredibly time-consuming and costly process.  Whilst advancements in technology have made it easier for job seekers to view employment opportunities, connecting with and recruiting the best candidates has become an even more difficult task.

Outsourcing some or all of your recruitment function can increase your chances of being able to access the best talent on the market.  Other benefits include:

Reduced Overall Costs

Cost remains one of the biggest factors in making business decisions.  Besides the cost of the hire themselves, other direct costs of recruitment include placing job advertisements, carrying-out candidate’s background screening and managing recruitment software systems.  Maintaining an effective in-house recruitment process can represent a significant cost to a business whereas outsourcing these activities is likely to reduce the overall cost-per-hire.

Speed of Hiring / Empty Chair Time

Recruitment costs can be significant even if you get it right first time.  Equally having an empty seat can be costly to the business in terms of lost revenue, productivity and often increases pressure and demand on the existing team.  Outsourcing recruitment is likely to eliminate delays and reduce empty chair time.

Improving Recruitment Effectiveness

In today’s competitive job-market it has become increasingly more difficult for businesses to find qualified candidates.  When a business outsources its recruitment needs it will enjoy the advantages an agency brings in being able to actively reach out to passive candidates (those not actively searching for a new role).

Enable you to Concentrate on Core Business

As a growing business those responsible for hiring may come under pressure where there is a need to recruit quickly or to scale, detracting from day-to-day duties.  Once this happens, it is likely to have a detrimental on their productivity.  By outsourcing recruitment those within your business are freed up to focus on core business operations and strategic direction. 

Reduce Turnover or Rate of Attrition

High staff turnover leads to reduced productivity, lower staff engagement and impacts the customer.  Working with an external experience recruiter will place more emphasis on the recruitment process, including articulating your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), and is likely to result in an improved quality of candidates who are better matched to the job openings, responsibilities and the culture of your business.  The outcome of which is likely to be a reduction in staff turnover.

Improved Quality of Candidates

A great candidate is more than just experience and qualifications, assessing soft skills such as personality and company culture/team fit are vital to enable you to find the right person.   Often hiring managers are pressed for time to fill a position or have a huge volume of applications to sift through and don’t consider these factors.  An outsourced recruitment service will take the time to assess your company culture, skills sets for roles and special requirements and will place these at the centre of their candidate sourcing process. As a result, you are likely to see a better quality of candidate, and ultimately a better recruit.

A Bespoke, Hiring Process

Here at Talent Gateway we have the capacity to create a bespoke outsourced recruitment process to support your growing business.  From writing and placing job adverts to proactive candidate sourcing, sifting and initial screenings, interview scheduling and feedback, and contract negotiation, we will work in partnership with you to create a recruitment process which is perfect for your organisation.  Equally, you may only wish to outsource certain stages of your recruitment process – for a conversation about your business’ needs and we can help, Get in touch.