The importance of a growth mindset culture in your scale up

In such a fast paced technology driven world we live in, having a growth mindset enables us to stay positive and continutally grow as individuals and teams.   For those with a growth mindset, obstacles are seen as opportunities to achieve more and enables us to expand our creativity and innovation rather than running away from challenge in the belief that they don’t have the right skills or knowledge.  

We work allot with scale up businesses and what is clear is that those individuals who thrive in these sometimes fronetic environments have a growth mentality.  I was keen to learn more about this and whether it is something that we are born with or whether it is a skill we can develop.

Through my research I discovered Dr. Carol Dweck and have watched several of her talks and read much of her work.Whilst her work is focuses on children and developing a growth mindset and the positive impacts this has, it is completely relevant to all of us at every stage of our lives.

Dweck suggests, that if you apply ‘yet’ to the end of statements it encourages a growth mindset.  For example: I don’t understand behavioural economics ‘yet’ or my budgeting skills aren’t what they need to be ‘yet’.  The results are astounding.

If businesses want to build a culture of experimentation, learning and growth then setting learning goals rather than performance goals delivers better results.  It enables the following attributes which empower learning and growth and more of a risk taking  and rapid experimentation culture:

  • Perseverance
  • Creativeily
  • Optimism
  • Collaboration
  • Resillience
  • Determination

How do you grow and develop.  How do you develop your growth mentality?

I challenge you to start applying ‘yet’ and I guarantee you will see a difference.  Share your experience over the coming weeks….