Thinking Small: The 6 reasons why SME’s are great for a career boost!

So what are the perks of working for a small business?

Apple, Google, Virgin, Amazon and John Lewis.  These are the top 5 brands the UK aspires to work for according to a survey in 2018 by Attest[1].  But is working for these big businesses all its cracked up to be?  At Talent Gateway, we work with an array of small and medium businesses (SMEs).  These businesses may not have a big brand name behind them but can offer fantastic career opportunities and benefits.  Opportunities that would be far harder to achieve in a larger organisation.

Here we list our top reasons for making the change.

Reason 1 – Make your role your own

Firstly, in a large business, job roles are more defined and there is more structure to teams and responsibilities.  Conversely, roles in an SME tend to be far more varied.  There is more opportunity to define your role and grow with the business.  You can pick up a wealth of new skills as you work across a range of different projects.

Reason 2 – Working for a small businesses gives you greater exposure

When you are one of a thousand, it can be hard to stand out.  In a smaller organisation, the impact of your work is more significant.  As a result, everyone will know about it.  You can make a real impression in a small business and build a name for yourself.  This can put you in good stead as you develop your career.

Reason 3 – Your voice will be heard

As well as greater exposure, you’ll have more opportunity to interact with senior management.  Therefore, you can raise concerns more easily or put forward new ideas.  You can build personal relationships with employees at all levels of management.

Reason 4 – Working for a small business means one big family

In general, smaller business have more of a ‘family’ feel.  Everyone is more invested in the company.  There is greater transparency across the business.  Ultimately, teams work better together, driven by same goal.  You are far more likely to interact with a range of people in the business.  This means everyone knows everyone and that sense of camaraderie is more easily felt.  In a large business, there can be whole parts of the company that you never interact with.

Reason 5 – Small businesses can move at pace

Change can happen far quicker in a small business.  A simple hierarchy and entrepreneurial approach means there isn’t reams of approvals and meetings to make decisions.  This can help breed a culture of openness to change too.  They can quickly implement a new idea or change ways of working.  If you are trying to influence change in a small business, you will see the fruits of your labour more quickly.

Reason 6 – Achieve a broader understanding of business

Finally, in a smaller business, you are closer to the heart of what it does.  As a result, this gives you greater strategic business experience.  You’ll see first-hand how external factors influence the business.  In addition, you are more likely to have opportunities to understand the wider business and industry.  In other words, this can help build your career and move into more strategic roles.

Interested in working for a small business?

Above all, you need to work for a company that is right for you.  And working for a small business isn’t right for everyone.  However, if you are looking for a new challenge and these reasons appeal to you, why not consider a move?  If you are interested in working for a small business, why don’t you check out our latest recruitment opportunities here:

Do you work for a small or big business? Comment below – we’d love to hear your experience!

[1] Britain’s Dream Job: The Top 10 Brands the UK Want to Work For, Attest, 1st May 2018,